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Here's what I would do:

Put them both on the same channel (no need to be same ssid)

router 1:
nvram set wl0_wds=mac_of_router_2's_wifi_interface

router 2:
nvram set wl0_wds=mac_of_router_1's_wifi_interface

Also set the wl_wds variables to the same thing, it's said that it's  
required to have both (did anybody research this and can answer why?)

Turn off lazy_wds. Basically with that, anybody can make you a WDS  
peer and you'll accept. No need.

nvram set wl0_lazywds=0

WDS links will join the bridge br0 by default. What we can try, is  
basically try to make the "client" (one that'll take the internet  
from the other)'s WAN config, the new wds link.

#router2 (client)
nvram set wan_ifnames=wds0.2
nvram set wan_ifname=wds0.2
nvram set wan_ipaddr=
nvram set wan_netmask=
nvram set wan_gateway=
nvram set wan_proto=static

#change the IP address of the bridge, since it'll overlap with WAN  
nvram set lan_ipaddr=

nvram commit

Edit /etc/dnsmasq.conf to make it give IPs on 192.168.2.x instead of  

So basically what I'm trying to do:

#router1 - gateway
LAN - br0: LAN ports + WIFI + WDS link (192.168.1.x)
WAN - vlan1: Internet, you know how to configure this

(basically, the usual config)

#router2 - client
LAN - br0: LAN ports + WIFI
WAN - wds0.2: WDS link (

(we're replacing the WAN link to the WDS link, so the scripts should  
do NATting to that now instead of vlan1 + default route).

Make wifidog listen on br0 on both.

Okay I'm totally doing this _untested_, but it should work. Feel free  
to ask questions, it's tricky ;)

I'd love to see if Freifunk is doing something similar. They might  
have added custom scripts to deal with... custom setups like this one :)

On 6-Jun-05, at 6:33 AM, Dr. Marios Moutzouris wrote:

> I was hoping that it would be simply tweaking some of the nvram  
> variables on
> a standard openwrt installation. Can it not be done so?
> Thanks
> Marios
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>> I don?t know whether it belongs here, but.....how do I setup two  
>> or more
>> linksys's in a form of mesh where only one receives an internet  
>> connection
>> and is "shared" amongst the others. Obviously wifidog will need to  
>> be run
> on
>> each of them.
> we've had very good experiences with the Freifunk Firmware, a mesh
> routing openWRT distribution. It has a friendly web admin GUI if you
> visit its port 80. the ISF Wifidog ipkg runs on it just fine.
> http://www.freifunk.net/wiki/FreifunkFirmwareEnglish
> -jo
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