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Rob Kelley robkelley at safemail.nycwireless.net
Jeu 28 Juil 15:11:59 EDT 2005


I’ve been managing NYCwireless's deployment of WiFiDog.  First off,
we love it.  We used one of our pilot ‘dogs in last night’s monthly meeting and gave people a run-through, including showing them on the list of users. The meeting gave us a chance to gather and consolidate feedback:
1. Though we love the real time monitoring of hotspots, you have to go to the site to see it.  How about sending notifications when a
Hotspot goes offline.  It could be in the following intervals:
A. First notice
B. After five minutes
C. After ten minutes
D. After one hour
E. Once a day

2.  How do you bypass the content management system completely? 
Some coffeeshop owners are going to have designs that will be too
hard to implement using the current cms interface and default
template. We'd like the ability to use custom html. 

3. Some users connect with palms and pocketpcs and have trouble with
the login page.  How hard would it be to present a simplified login
page based on the users browser?

4. It'd be nice to have a "quiet dog", where wifidog is still running but not asking people to login.  It could validate and track based on mac address. That way, operators get their stats, and users get quick entry.  Also, if we gather mac address(es) with registration, it’s a step toward remembering people based on mac.

5. How do you put non-wifidog hotspots in the database of known hotspots and get them to display on the map as grey ballons (not monitored)?

Again, thanks a lot. We’re finding WifiDog to be a great piece of software and we’re looking forward to expanding our rollout once pilot is done!

Rob Kelley, PMP

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