[isf-wifidog] Is it possible to Install on Redhat 9?

Bassam A. Al-Khaffaf bassam at palettemm.com
Jeu 7 Juil 06:15:12 EDT 2005

Dear All,

   I am new in here and new to wifidog. I went through the wifidog web site
and read the documentation and appreciate all the works that have been done
and achieved so far by all the people who participated in making wifidog up.
I have one question here and excuse me if this question has been raised up
in here before.

Is it possible to install WiFiDog on Redhat 9 Linux machine, the reason of
this question is that I already built my own wireless gateway and I have
done many programming modules like Plug and Play (Any IP, Any DNS and Any
Proxy) and I was using NoCatAuth before as the captive portal to my wireless
gateway and now I want to migrate to WiFiDog captive portals and leave the
full of bugs NoCatAuth behind that gave me a lot of headache. 

If the answer to my first question is YES, now can I install both parts
(wifidog and wifidog-auth) on the same machine?

Is there a detailed documentation that can be followed for the installation
on redhat 9?

Your answers are highly appreciated and thanks in advance.

Bassam A. Al-Khaffaf

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