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Philippe April isf_lists at philippeapril.com
Sun Jan 9 14:56:38 EST 2005

> On a side note, i'm thinking about an interactive script that try to
> configure network if it's down, then download appropriates packages
> (pppoe, bropbear,kernel modules, etc). Is there'S already something in
> progress ?

I'm not sure I understand what you mean.. If you mean scripts that will
install and configure a router automatically, I did something like that
but it's for my own use (not modular enough to distribute)...

> By the way, phil's build doesn't have needed modules... I spent a while
> diagnosing the problem till I realized packets were going right tru the
> nat table without being processed (and of course to never come back :)

Hmm. The wifidog package I build always contains libipt_mac (that you
need). Did you find out which module you were missing exactly? I
configure routers every week using the firmware + wifidog package I
distribute and I never needed anything else.. Maybe the interfaces in
the wifidog.conf were not setup with the right values?

Philippe April
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