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Thomas Guyot-Sionnest dermoth at aei.ca
Mon Jan 31 23:41:07 EST 2005

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~ >>By the way, phil's build doesn't have needed modules... I spent a while
|>diagnosing the problem till I realized packets were going right tru the
|>nat table without being processed (and of course to never come back :)
| Hmm. The wifidog package I build always contains libipt_mac (that you
| need). Did you find out which module you were missing exactly? I
| configure routers every week using the firmware + wifidog package I
| distribute and I never needed anything else.. Maybe the interfaces in
| the wifidog.conf were not setup with the right values?

Sorry for the late answer, I was very busy lately (I have to catch up on
~200 mails in ISF's mailing lists now!!!)

I found out later with a vanilla OpenWrt that $WAN init variable (in
S45firewall) is set from the wrong NVRAM variable and that was the cause...

WAN=$(nvram get wan_ifname)

should be:

WAN=$(nvram get wan_iface)

Pretty much the same, but the first defines the wan physical interface,
the second is real wan (The one used to connect trought other networks).
These are the same under "normal" setup (Without DSL, etc...), but
wan_iface is ppp0 when the router is set for pppoe...

I even checked the first "nvram show" I got as the first ping hack I did
on unmodified WRT54g, while the device was set for pppoe. On this nvram
backup, you can see:


This is a bug of OpenWrt, and I don't know if it's been fixed, or if it
only apply on some devices only... I don't remember having such issue
the first time I installed OpenWrt.


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