[isf-wifidog] Newbie Server install questions

Ray Gwinn wifidog at wva.net
Sam 31 Déc 21:54:45 EST 2005

Thank you again.  I found that on FC4:

yum install php-xml
yum install php-mbstring
yum install php-xmlrpc

Will install the PHP dom, mbstring and xmlrpc modules.  This leaves only the radius 
warnings, which I do not currently care about.

What I discovered was there are several more web pages in the wifidog install script.  
This is something a newbie (like me) does not know I should expect to see.

Anyhow, I made it to the "Database installation" page, but the process stops/hangs there.  
What I see is:

Database initialisation
Creating wifidog database schema : <=

But nothing else.

When I access http://wifidog.win-msu.net/index.php, I still see the same error as before.  
Something seems to be going wrong in the "Dababase installation" part of the install.php 

Your (Proulx) suggestions have moved me a long way to this point.  Can you help me get 
past the "Database initialisation" screen of the install.php script?


On 31 Dec 2005 at 19:06, Proulx François wrote:

> Well now it seems the database connection is OK since "ERROR: relation
> "schema_info" does not exist" that means that database responded that it is
> basically empty. If you can fix the modules, you're good with the next steps
> of installation. Can you use Fedora Core packing system to install modules
> such as
> php5-dom , etc... ? 
> DOM, mccrypt, mhash, xmlrpc.
> Look in the FC4 documentation (google something like "fedora core 4 php5 dom
> extension") Anyhow, happy new year to everybody in UTC-5 ...
> On 31-Dec-2005, at 18:30 , Ray Gwinn wrote:
> Pascal, your observation/comments seems to have eliminated the need for the
> ident  server, thank you.
> Proulx and Pascal, or anyone, I am still having a problem getting the wifidog
> server to  work.  The problem still seems PostgreSQL related.  The error I am
> getting can be seem  at:
> http://wifidog.win-msu.net/index.php
> Which is accessing the wifidog index.php
> The install.php went okay, with the same missing modules mentioned earlier in
> this  thread.
> Can anyone give me a clue what I should do now?
> Ray

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