[isf-wifidog] errors in fresh install of cvs head

Proulx François fproulx at edito.qc.ca
Dim 25 Déc 17:42:12 EST 2005

> In my opinion, it would be nice if the code on sourceforge didn't  
> have these visibly apparent errors in it.

I will try to make sometime during this week to install from a fresh  
CVS copy to sort it out ...

> As an aside, you guys really need more developers involved more  
> familiar with the rigours of installing wifidog on fresh systems,  
> using the tools posted on sourceforge rather than somewhere in  
> Montreal.  Am I really the first one in?  I am definitely getting  
> mixed messages here, being taken to task by Benoit about Database  
> stuff, and now Max thinking I haven't done my homework.  Do you  
> guys really want code checked in from other sister sites?  Do you  
> really want developers involved not physically in Montreal?  Sorry,  
> I just have to ask.

We do want check in from people outside Montreal. In fact, Max is  
from Berlin and we are very pleased of the contributions he made in  
the past 2 months. As all of us are involved in this project on a  
volunteer basis and have either school or work communications are  
definitely not as good as they could be. Most of us are aware of many  
of the issues, including improving the database abstraction etc...  
but with most of the original creators pretty busy right now, we  
don't have lots of time of actually sit down and write a bunch of  
clean, comprehensive roadmap and documentation. I know it's really  
painful for everybody. I will try to work a bit on wifidog this week,  
but I also have to rest a bit, as the past few months have been  
pretty exhausting.

In short, yes Rob we would be pleased contributions from you, but  
without a good roadmap and without making sure developpers know where  
the project is heading we cannot engage in serious modifications to  
the core foundations (database etc...).

See ya

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