[isf-wifidog] Database created sucessfully but what to do next??

Bassam A. Al-Khaffaf bassam at palettemm.com
Mar 9 Aou 05:35:37 EDT 2005

Dear Proulx ,
   Thanks for your support regarding the database, I have added the line
"local   all   all   trust" to the file "pg_hba.conf" and created the
database and inserted the data. 

And then I edited the file "/root/wifidog-auth/wifidog/config.php" and
changed the following entries (Please correct me if I have something wrong):

define('CONF_DATABASE_PASSWORD',   '');          //because I have not
created a password for the user wifidog

define('HOTSPOT_NETWORK_NAME', 'yellowspots.com');
define('HOTSPOT_NETWORK_URL', 'http://www.yellowspots.com/');
define('TECH_SUPPORT_EMAIL', 'bassam at palettemm.com');

Now before I proceed with the RADIUS part, how can I make the "wifidog-auth"
up, is there a deamon to launch it?

Bassam A. Al-Khaffaf

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