[isf-wifidog] page redirect NOT portal

Francois Proulx fproulx at lecameleon.net
Jeu 14 Avr 14:13:44 EDT 2005

Of course, once the user is logged in we could quite easily redirect his browser to any page automatically. I don't think we would do it on our server, because we want to promote Ile Sans Fil's content.

It could be done either with a snipper of PHP code :
   header("Location: http://www.blablabla.com");

Or with a META REFRESH tag in the HTML header
<META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT="10; URL=http://www.test.com/">

Where 10 is the number of second before it redirects your browser (could be set to 0, to go right away)

Hope that answers you request.

See ya

--- Aaron McCann <aaron at toolbox.homelinux.org> wrote:

From: Aaron McCann <aaron at toolbox.homelinux.org>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 10:28:53 -0500
To: WiFiDog Captive Portal <wifidog at listes.ilesansfil.org>
Subject: [isf-wifidog] page redirect NOT portal

Good day all!

I was wondering if there was any way to redirect a wireless user to a 
specific site.  I.E. if they login instead of sending them to the 
wifidog portal page is there a way to send them to say 
http://www.google.com instead.  We have put out a few totally free 
hotspots (not even charging the venue for hardware or install), and were 
thinking of setting up our own portal for a few locations.  Perhaps 
something with forums etc so the users can really interact.  Sorry if 
this has been asked before and I missed it in my searches.  Thanks for 
your help and wonderful software!

Aaron McCann

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