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Mina Naguib webmaster at topfx.com
Wed Oct 27 20:28:37 EDT 2004

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Not directly WiFiDog-related, but I need help.

Any idea why this gentleman gets a (probably) 404 ?

Also since nobody claimed tech at ilesansfil.org I'll keep doing it, but
are there any tools on the new auth.ilesansfil.org that'll help be debug
? Links on https://auth.ilesansfil.org/admin/index.php tells me I've
been a bad boy (actually: "You do not have administrator privileges" to
be exact)

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Subject: Re: problem with Mac?
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 20:17:26 -0400
From: Brice Vorderbrug <brice at coffeeshopofhorrors.com>
To: Mina Naguib <webmaster at topfx.com>
<EE851639-2870-11D9-AEC9-000A958EF87C at coffeeshopofhorrors.com>
<418037F8.6040506 at topfx.com>

Dad's given up for now so I can't give the exact addresses. His login
is hwaet. The email is phormiktes at westafer.com. He was trying to
connect at the Cafe Tribune. I don't know if he'll try again tonight or
tomorrow. If you think of anything I'll relay it to him.
Thanks for the quick response.

On Oct 27, 2004, at 8:06 PM, Mina Naguib wrote:

| Hello Brice
| Assuming he has hooked on to our signal (www.ilesansfil.org) and not
| someone elses', the problem is probably on our end.
| Would you be able to give me the exact URL he is re-directed to ? As
| well as the second URL that shows the "not found" error message ?
| Also which hotspot is he using ? And would you know his IleSansFil
| email/login ?
| Brice Vorderbrug wrote:
| | Hi,
| |     I'm writing on behalf of my father who is at a hotspot in
| Montreal
| | and is unable to login. He's on an Aluminum 15" Powerbook G4 running
| | 10.3.6 with a pre-installed AirPort Extreme card. He's getting a good
| | signal and has a valid IP address given from your DHCP servers. When
| he
| | attempts to reach a site he is redirected to a page that tells him to
| | "click here to login". When he clicks on this link he receives an
| error,
| | "not found". He has been able to connect in the recent past.
| |     I'm wondering if this is a problem with your servers or is there
| | something else we can try? Thank you very much.
| |
| | Benjamin Westafer
| | c/o Brice Vorderbrug (CoffeeShopOfHorrors.com)
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