[Wifidog] Problems with a new WifiDog setup

Chris Poupart chris.poupart at mcgill.ca
Thu Dec 9 11:43:33 EST 2004

Philippe April wrote:
> I posted this to Chris offlist as he contacted me directly, here's what
> I found out (I have access to his router, which helped a lot!) and
> responded to Chris..... hopefully he won't have trouble reflashing it...
> ---
> What you are missing:
> ./modules/2.4.20/kernel/net/ipv4/netfilter/ipt_mac.o needs to be loaded
> at wifidog startup. We include a version with wifidog to accomodate, 
> but since you don't use the same firmware....... it will load, but then
> will NOT work.
> That's because the version of iptables on your firmware is 1.2.11, the 
> version in the package is 1.2.9.......................
> Sooooo...... reflash it with the firmware on my website (don't forget to
> do the firstboot and all) otherwise we'd need to recompile a wifidog 
> package for your version of the buildroot, etc.
> ----
> And don't forget boot_wait if it's off! :)

Hum...  That certainly explains a lot!  A question for veteran OpenWRT 
people: If I just reflash it with "new" firmware, I know it will keep 
all of my nvram settings, but will it keep all of my modified config 
files as well?  If I can scp out of the box, it will be trivial to back 
them up... but I was just curious.

Philippe: THANK YOU!  I will reflash it tonight then and hopefully that 
will be the end of it!  Would it be possible to get an md5sum of the 
firmware?  This way I can make sure it is not corrupt before I flash it 
(like last time).

~~ Chris

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