[Wifidog] Problems with a new WifiDog setup

Pascal Leclerc leclerc.pascal at ireq.ca
Thu Dec 9 10:22:25 EST 2004

Tu peux envoyer un log de wifidog en mode debug ?

Lances le daemon de cette façon : /usr/bin/wifidog -d 7 -f 
Fais le test de te logger et d'aller sur un site
Envoies le log, ça devrait donner plus de détail sur le problème, sinon 
va falloir pousser plus loin


Chris Poupart wrote:

> Hi folks, I sent this already to Philippe, but maybe you have a quick 
> and obvious solution for it:
> I have a fresh setup of for the Fraser Hickson Library, running the 
> latest OpenWRT snapshot and wifidog_1.0.2-pre4.
> Basically, when I try to browse, I get redirected to the auth server to
> logon, which succeeds.  "wdctl status" shows me as being connected and
> having a token. However, when I try to continue on to the site that I
> was trying to access (or any other page), it returns me to the logon 
> page.  If I try to logon again, it tells me "Access denied".
> The router is currently on my home LAN, which duplicates to a large
> degree the setup that they have at the Fraser Hickson:
> Library LAN:
> The WAN IP of the router has been changed to, as they do
> static addressing there, and that is the address that they assigned for
> the router.
> wan_proto has been changed to "static" in nvram.
> The wifi connections are served by DHCP and given addresses in
> - 250 range.
> If I disable wifidog, I can browse the internet as normal, so all the
> networking seems to be working just fine.
> A copy of my wifidog.conf file can be found:
> I have the site install setup for tomorrow after work, so I am somewhat
> anxious to get this working!
> Any insights would be greatly apprecaited!
> Thanks,
> Chris Poupart
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