[Wifidog] Problems with a new WifiDog setup

Chris Poupart chris.poupart at mcgill.ca
Thu Dec 9 09:26:53 EST 2004

Hi folks, I sent this already to Philippe, but maybe you have a quick 
and obvious solution for it:

I have a fresh setup of for the Fraser Hickson Library, running the 
latest OpenWRT snapshot and wifidog_1.0.2-pre4.

Basically, when I try to browse, I get redirected to the auth server to
logon, which succeeds.  "wdctl status" shows me as being connected and
having a token. However, when I try to continue on to the site that I
was trying to access (or any other page), it returns me to the logon 
page.  If I try to logon again, it tells me "Access denied".

The router is currently on my home LAN, which duplicates to a large
degree the setup that they have at the Fraser Hickson:

Library LAN:

The WAN IP of the router has been changed to, as they do
static addressing there, and that is the address that they assigned for
the router.

wan_proto has been changed to "static" in nvram.

The wifi connections are served by DHCP and given addresses in - 250 range.

If I disable wifidog, I can browse the internet as normal, so all the
networking seems to be working just fine.

A copy of my wifidog.conf file can be found:

I have the site install setup for tomorrow after work, so I am somewhat
anxious to get this working!

Any insights would be greatly apprecaited!


Chris Poupart

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