[isf-wifidog] Gateway development

acv acv at miniguru.ca
Dim 6 Nov 13:56:08 EST 2011


I've picked up a bit the gateway code and tied up some loose ends (as
in off-by-one errors in boundary checks, unchecked strcpy(), etc.) over
the week-end. I have a bit of time now to improve things on that front.

For now I have put my changes at https://bitbucket.org/acv/wifidog-alex
(I know I have commit access to the SVN, but I much prefer the branching
model of DVCS, especially for potentially destabilizing changes.)

I would be highly appreciative if some hardy souls out there could pick
it up and test it (in controlled form) in networks where there's a
significant load. My test setup is a Ubuntu box (vm actually) and does
not include many devices so I can't really stress test.

I'd like to maybe look at implementing the fabled v2 protocol on there
(that is, the one that doesn't exists) if some of the AuthPuppy folks
want to hash out something.


Alexandre Carmel-Veilleux
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