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Andrew Niemantsverdriet andrewniemants at gmail.com
Jeu 31 Mar 10:36:54 EDT 2011

Also does your webserver have write permissions to that folder? What
do your http logs say? Any mention as to why that file was not

/-\ ndrew

2011/3/31 Geneviève Bastien <gbastien at versatic.net>:
> Hi Armando,
> You may want to try using the authpuppy auth server instead of wifidog, as
> this is where the development focus has now shifted
> (http://www.authpuppy.org)
> In case you still need wifidog, there is a file created on your filesystem
> when the install process starts.  It should be located in your /tmp
> directory and be named dog_cookie.txt.  The password is in this file.  If
> the file is not there, what OS are you installing the auth server on?
> Geneviève
> El 31/03/11 03:44, Jose Armando escribió:
>> Hello
>> Any one can help me with this
>> To Continue this installation you will need to enter the password
>> found in the file: /tmp/dog_cookie.txt on your server's filesystem.
>> Please enter it when prompted. This is to stop accidental or malicious
>> activity from users gaining access to the install.php file if you dont
>> move it from the base directory. PLEASE LEAVE THE USERNAME FIELD BLANK
>> i could not find the password can any one tell me about the password
>> please
>> im new on this i just try to learn how to play with wifidog
>> thank you
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