[isf-wifidog] WifiDog gateway keeps redirecting to the login page

Howie Sixtynine howie69 at wizardhardware.com
Dim 19 Juin 18:40:12 EDT 2011

I have the latest wifidog, all setup.  I have all iptables and xtables all
loaded.  I saw in my logs there were some iptables errors, but then I
found those were intentional as wifidog was testing my iptables rules.

What happens is that on any connection, wifidog grabs and redirects it to
the auth-server.  It is authpuppy with splash-only.  The auth-server
returns Authorized '1' and redirects to the gateway page.  If anyone tries
to go anywhere else, they are brought back to the login page.  If they try
to click through again they are de-authorized.

Attached are outputs of wifidog -t -d 7 and my iptables-save.  Keep in
mind that there are other services running on this debian router as well,
so there are other iptables entries, which I do not believe are
interfering.  I unloaded all of the other rules while testing and still
have the same problem.

Thanks for any help,

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