[isf-wifidog] Role to view specific node stats

Robert Samson robert.samson at gmail.com
Lun 13 Juin 09:15:35 EDT 2011


I'd like to create a user which has permission to see only the statistics
for one specific node (or group of nodes). Does the current functionality
allow this?

I tried creating a new role, type node, with the
NODE_PERM_ALLOW_GENERATION_PUBLIC_STATS permissions. When I assign that role
to a user and go to the admin/stats.php page I get an error:
"Network::getAllNetworks: Fatal error: No networks in the database!"

I also tried creating a new role, type network, with the
NETWORK_PERM_VIEW_STATISTICS and assigned it to a user. The statistics link
does appear in the admin menu but going to the stats.php page gives an
"Access Denied" error.

Anyone have a solution?


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