[isf-wifidog] RADIUS accounting does not work

Steven Kurylo steven.kurylo+wifidog at aviawest.com
Mar 25 Jan 18:10:27 EST 2011

Mark Dammer wrote, On 11-01-25 04:26 AM:
> I am now able to log in with a RADIUS user, but I see problems with 
> the accounting. Is anybody using WiFiDog with RADIUS accounting in a 
> productive environment (with billing etc.)? I am experiencing the 
> following problems and I am not sure if it makes sense to put more 
> time into getting RADIUS going:
> - WiFiDog is not properly stopping/closing an accounting session when 
> the client just times out. It only stops sending interim requests.
> - WiFiDogs accounting requests do not contain the user name so 
> Daloradius is only listing IP based accounting.

Sorry, I'm not using the accounting.

However wifidog does contain its own statistics, which I don't use 
either.  Perhaps they contain the detail you need?

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