[isf-wifidog] Question about https

tukey tukey at eyou.com
Ven 21 Jan 09:34:24 EST 2011

I create a hotspot with wifidog and I met the same problem.
If I open http://www.XXXX.com, the portal page shows. 
But it does not work if it is https://www.XXXX.com

What did I go wrong?

>Wifidog has no problem with initial https requests.
>> Before taking the time of downloading and installing WiFi dog I am curious
>> if it handles initial https requests.
>> I have another unamed hotspot and if I request a 'https' URL I do not get
>> redirected to the authentication page like I do if I go to the same URL,
>> but
>> instead use 'http'.
>> Is this a common problem with hotspots or does WiFiDog fix this?
>> Scott
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