[isf-wifidog] Nagging issues

Peter Peter at Peter.KN
Jeu 7 Avr 15:37:28 EDT 2011

We have a auth server running on Linux, and three WAPs running the wifi 
dog service.

We have a few problems that I dont seem to be able to solve:

1) Apple users... they frequently do not get redirected to the auth page.

2) Every few days the WAP's "stop working" as per logging on users. 
Resetting the WAPs and then its ok.


1) I know how two run Wifidog in debug mode, but the shell only responds 
on the LAN side, so I have to drop my connection then connect to the 
wifi side of the WAP. Can someone assist me how to edit the firewall 
setting / other of openwrt to allow shell access from the WAN side?

2) If I set a static IP on the WAN instead of a dynamic IP for the WAN 
side, wifidog stop working.

3) Are there logs kept on the gateways? Right now I have to connect, 
stop wd, then restart in debug mode. Problem is, restarting often fixes 
the problems so there is nothing to see :( Can I access logs or tell it 
to log the last 24 hours or so so that I can look retroactively when 
problems are reported?

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