[isf-wifidog] Redirect after logon?

Chris Tate-Davies chris.tatedavies at inflightproductions.com
Mer 15 Sep 12:08:08 EDT 2010

  I passed the URL through to the wifidog manually, and then pulled it 
out of the URI_REFERER on the output page.

Can't remember which page it was, but if your're using PHP:

//split up the string
$array = explode('php?', $data);
//use only part 2
$data = $array[1];
//split that
$array = explode('&', $data);
foreach ($array as $items) {
     $item = explode('=', $items);
     if ('url' == $item[0]) {
         //this is where we want to go
         $url = urldecode($item[1]);

But you'll need to just do some basic debugging, etc  to work out which 
pages you're using. I think it sends you to gateway.php - but I can't 
actually remember, and don't have the setup here any more.

HTH, Chris

On 15/09/2010 17:01, Jim Musson wrote:
> Hi,
> Can someone tell me how to have users redirected to the web site name 
> they originally entered after they complete the logon page?
> My setup now brings them to the portal page.
> Thanks!
> Jim Musson
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