[isf-wifidog] Example/Working iptables script?

Dennis M. Linton dennis at dmlinton.net
Lun 6 Sep 20:15:50 EDT 2010

On Mon, 2010-09-06 at 16:12 -0700, Steven Kurylo wrote: 

> > It would make sense to include that snippet of info in the 
> > instruction, cryptic one too, about getting iptables up.  It now 
> > appears to me that the only iptables setup required is to bridge two 
> > NICs.  WiFiDog does the rest... except for refinements as you noted.
> You don't have to bridge your network (I never have), but certainly it 
> can be a valid configuration.  However you don't need to touch iptables 
> to setup a bridge, so I'm not sure where you ran into trouble.

You are right, it is not actually network bridging.  Rather it is
configuring iptables to forward traffic on one subnet to another. 

> The wifidog documentation assumes you already have a valid working 
> network.  While I haven't had an issue with the documentation, it is 
> sparse.  I'm sure more documentation will be welcomed.

Actually, the Debian specific documentation
(http://dev.wifidog.org/wiki/doc/install/debian) emphasizes ensuring
that iptables are correctly setup. 

> > Thanks again for your help.  I think I almost have a working hotspot.  
> > Now if I could just figure out where to specify a SMTP server ....
> It uses PHPMailer by default, which send email directly to other SMTP 
> servers.  You can change this in config.php to use the local server 
> "sendmail" or a remote server "smtp".

I figured that there had to be somewhere to specify the outgoing mail
configuration.  I finally found it in config.php.  The documentation
indicated that having a local mail server would make life easier but
indicated little else... like the default config being PHPMailer, which
did not work out of the box.  I did not install Postfix as suggested
because I already have a server running on my network.

Anyhow, I now have a working, albeit minimal, WiFiDog Hotspot.  I can
even connect with my HTC Touch!   Kudos to the developers.  Great job
folks!  I love the idea of setting the whole thing up on a PC (router
solutions just do not appeal to me).  

My WiFiDog hardware, all found laying around the house: 

     1. an HP Pavilion 486 MHz PC (12 or 14 yrs old?) w/ 190 MB RAM & 80
        GB HD (using only about 1.5 gig of it), 
     2. a DLink DWL-G700AP on the lan side, and, 
     3. a DLink DWL-G122 on the "Internet" side.  

The DWL-G122 actually connects to my main router which, in turn, is
connected to a DSL modem on a 5 Mb/s DSL line.

Best regards,

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