[isf-wifidog] Example/Working iptables script?

Dennis M. Linton dennis at dmlinton.net
Lun 6 Sep 18:31:47 EDT 2010

On Mon, 2010-09-06 at 15:01 -0700, Steven Kurylo wrote:

> On 10-09-06 11:42 AM, Dennis M. Linton wrote: 
> > Hi, Folks;
> > 
> > Can anyone supply, or point me to, a shell script suitable for
> > setting up iptables in a manner consistent with the requirements of
> > WiFiDog?  I have Googled endlessly to little avail.  I am setting up
> > WiFiDog and WiFiDog Auth on Debian Lenny/5.
> I'm not sure what you're asking for.  You don't have to make any
> manual iptables changes for wifidog to work.
> If you want to do more rules to tighten security (I always do), a
> normal iptables script works just fine.  The only which won't work is
> trying to mark packets, since wifidog relies on that.
> Perhaps if you provided an example of your issue, we could help.

Hi, Steven;

Thanks for your reply.

I am now at the point of trying to figure out how to specify an SMTP
server to ship e-mail confirmations out to new users.  I am having the
same problem as has now clearly been the one, and only one, all along,
which is a lack of logically written and comprehensive documentation.

For example, one of the very first bits of information I obtained was
the importance of getting iptables up and running correctly before
installing WiFiDog.  I spent probably something like 15-20 hours (I
don't give up easily) only to find out after a lot searching and beating
my head on the wall that, hey, WiFiDog writes its own!  

It would make sense to include that snippet of info in the instruction,
cryptic one too, about getting iptables up.  It now appears to me that
the only iptables setup required is to bridge two NICs.  WiFiDog does
the rest... except for refinements as you noted.

Thanks again for your help.  I think I almost have a working hotspot.
Now if I could just figure out where to specify a SMTP server ....

Best regards,
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