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What do you mean by framebuffer?

If your server hosts the gateway and the auth server, your Debian machine is the router for your WLAN net. Both ends should generally not be connected to the same switch :). Please generate a drawing of your hardware setup. It looks a bit as if you are using a managed/smart switch with VLAN capabilities where it is difficult to see how it is configured. It is probably easier to set up the wifidog net without it and then worry about the switch.

Your apache2 problem should not be related to anything that has to do with wifidog. With links ("sudo apt-get install links" or "lynx") you can check it even from your server. Just type "links http://localhost". You should see something like "It works.". If you see this, apache2 is fine for now. Theoretically you yould configure wifidog with links, but this could be called torture.

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  hi,thank you for your request;

  so, my server is without framebuffer, it's plug in a switch:in one port for the acces to internet(vlan 134) and another port for those who have to be connected with wifidog (vlan 734);
  i try to plug my pc in one port of the switch in vlan 134 and i try to open the url; may be my apache2 doesn't work...

  in the file site-available/default i have:


  ServerName     wifidog
  ServerSignature Off
  AddHandler php5-script .php
  Action php5-script /cgi-bin/php5
  AddDefaultCharset UTF-8
  DoceumentRoot /var/www/
  and i put the file install.php in /var/www

  in /etc/hots i've:  localhost.localdomain         localhost  localhost.localdomain         localhost  localhost.localdomain localhost.localdomain       wifidog

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