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Sam 30 Oct 00:10:41 EDT 2010


Yes, wifidog can certainly serve as a captive portal in your case.  The
mac address is kept as an attribute to any connexion so you wouldn't have
a problem with that.

As for the 1 mac, 1 login scheme, it is not possible as is.  I would
suggest you to use AuthPuppy as the auth server for your network
(www.authpuppy.org), it has a very modular architecture.

You could implement your authenticator as an additional plugin, or use
(and help develop) the splash-only plugin, that is basically a MAC
authenticator, just anybody can log in, but it has no user base at all
(and does not need one).  So you cannot really manage your users.

If you want users, you could add an extension to the auth local user
plugin, adding the 1 mac constraint.

Hope this helps,

> Hi,
> Suppose I have a wireless network, with different AP linked to a
> router-modem (same device). I decided that, internet access should be
> granted to only clients with logins. I don't want them to exchange
> logins (so 1 MAC to 1 Logins).
> I thought about installing wifidog as a captive portal and I read
> about Auth server which apparently looks like exactly what I
> need.
> Besides, could you suggest an implementation of this system, 1 MAC <=>
> 1 account, without asking the client for his mac address beforehand.
> How to get the MAC address of the first NIC to log in with a fresh
> made account? How to add it later as a rule in logging process in
> addition to valid username and password.
> I would be pleased with any of your suggestions and advices
> Thanks
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