[isf-wifidog] Wifidog on AirOs

Bruno Remy bruno.remy at videotron.ca
Dim 14 Nov 15:25:25 EST 2010


On the official website of Wifidog, some documentation is now available 
about installing Wifidog client on Ubiquity devices.
(See http://dev.wifidog.org/wiki/doc/install/airos)

Unfortunatly, this Howto-guide is ONLY compatible with AirOS V (5.2 and 
later) Firmware Supported products

  * Bullet M
  * Rocket M
  * NanoStation M
  * AirGrid M
  * NanoBridge M
  * PowerBridge M
  * PicoStation M
  * NanoStation Loco M
  * AirRouter
  * PowerAP N
  * Rocket M365
  * Rocket M900
  * NanoStation M365
  * NanoStation Loco M900

Unfortunatly there is no "/openwrt/package" neither "/openwrt/dl" 
directories (so...there is no tarballs collection avalaible) onto the 
SDK of AirOS Firmware 3.5 (and later) supported products :

  * PowerStation
  * LiteStation
  * NanoStation
  * MiniStation
  * WispStation
  * NanoStation Loco
  * PicoStation
  * Bullet (2,2HP,5)
  * AP1000

So... What's the cue for AirOS 3.5x family products?


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