[isf-wifidog] wifidog configuration help

Zoran Bresan zbresan at gmail.com
Lun 8 Nov 06:02:02 EST 2010


I have some problems with configuring WiFiDog; maybe someone can help me.
Router is D-Link DIR-300 with DD-WRT and WiFiDog version 20090925

I would like to unblock some ports and/or ip-s for just one client computer.

I can add that client mac in trusted list but that will allow all traffic.

I can add firewall rule to unblock certain ports, however that will unblock
those ports for all clients.

Can I unblock some ports and/or ip-s for just one client while still
blocking all other?

Eg. All wireless clients has default wifidog configuration; All wired
clients can access windows update, they have unblocked ssh port so I can
connect remotely, etc. I the same time they still have tcp 80 block until
successful authentication.

Zoran Bresan
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