[isf-wifidog] Token captured

Jean-Philippe Menil jean-philippe.menil at univ-nantes.fr
Ven 7 Mai 04:59:07 EDT 2010


sometimes, i encounter a big problem, the daemon capture the token 

[6][Thu Apr 22 11:19:37 2010][29889](gateway.c:475) Received connection 
from, spawning worker thread
[7][Thu Apr 22 11:19:37 2010][29889](httpd_thread.c:65) Processing 
request from
[7][Thu Apr 22 11:19:37 2010][29889](httpd_thread.c:66) Calling 
httpdProcessRequest() for
[6][Thu Apr 22 11:19:37 2010][29889](http.c:121) Got client MAC address 
for ip 00:22:fb:73:8e:1e
[6][Thu Apr 22 11:19:37 2010][29889](http.c:125) Captured 
and re-directing them to login page
[7][Thu Apr 22 11:19:37 2010][29889](http.c:205) Redirecting client 
browser to 
[7][Thu Apr 22 11:19:37 2010][29889](httpd_thread.c:68) Returned from 
httpdProcessRequest() for

So, it create a "loop", and the client canét authenticate correctly.

debian 64 bit
wifdog svn version.

Is anyone encounter the same bug?


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