[isf-wifidog] Radius Authetification and MS-CHAP

Jean-Philippe Menil jean-philippe.menil at univ-nantes.fr
Mer 31 Mar 18:16:01 EDT 2010

fathi at fathi.eu.org a écrit :
> Hello and sorry for previously posting this message in french as I have
> been confused by some google search results and though that the list was
> accepting messages in french,
> As you probably have guessed, I am new to wifidog but have managed to
> install it and have it running since smoothly since some days.
> I have set up some networks one of which authenticates against a long term
> running radius server.
> My problem is:
> Radius user passwords are stored in adatabase in the following form:
> UserName       | Attribute            | op | Value
> Fathi Ben Nasr | Password-with-Header | := |
> {md5}abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123456
> with some users as: 'Fathi Ben Nasr', 'fathi.bennasr', and others in
> foreing character sets.
> I then get the following messages in my radius log:
>   rlm_chap: login attempt by "fathi.bennasr" with CHAP password
>   rlm_chap: Could not find clear text password for user fathi.bennasr
> As said previously, I don't store user passwords in clear text in the
> database and can't change this rule.
> My question is: it it possible to "tell" Wifidog-auth to send the password
> in clear text and let the radius daemon manage to guess the correct
> encoding to compare the provided password to the one stored in the
> database (something ala ldap bind, you don't need to know how the
> passwords are encoded in the ldap database backend) ?
> Fathi B.N.
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have a look in the Authenticator/AuthenticatorRadius.php.
This is the file of the definition of the radius fonctions.

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