[isf-wifidog] Does a simple Auth-server exist, or one that is compatible with Lighttpd?

John Clark jclark at metricsystems.com
Mar 30 Mar 21:31:54 EDT 2010

Richard Lussier schrieb:
> It is a very basic splash page without stats or all the features of 
> wifidog (multilingual, etc..).
> You have to try it, and get back with your impressions.
> For now, PfSense or m0n0wall is only installable on x86 platform, so 
> that might be a problem for you.
> Many people install them on Soekris or Alix boards.
> You were talking about a "embedded system", what do you have in mind ?
> Richard

I sort of did not look at the M0n0wall because it was FreeBSD based, and 
my requirement is for a
Linux based core. Personally I could go either way, but there are others 
who want specifically Linux...

What I wanted to do was get most of the Wifi visible stuff up, and demo 
it. The problem is I have not tended
to install Apache on my embedded systems, but rather have used Lighttpd. 
It seems to be more easily 'jailed' than
Apache. I tried bringing Wifidog up on a Lighttpd setup, and there were 
problems with it.

At the moment I'm using OpenWRT for the platform, and there is an Apache 
ipkg for it, along with SQL/postgress

I wanted to put Wifidog on the AP, and have the authenticator on an 
'inner' system. In either case, the AP is based
on mips, and will have its firmware in Flash. The 'inner' system will 
also be  Flash based, but it will have at least a
4GB Compact Flash, and so I can put a large number of packages on that 
one, and it is, for the moment, x86 based.

As I say, I had problems 'jailing' Apache, so that any hackage could 
only go so far.

The reason I needed a 'simple' authenticator, was to simplify the demo 
setup for testing the outer 'hotspot' edge of this
system. It wasn't for a deployable setup.

John Clark.

> On 2010-03-30 19:26, Peter wrote:
>> Richard Lussier wrote:
>>> Look at PfSense, or M0n0wall, they have build-in captive portal with 
>>> auth.
>> Wow they do? That's interesting. How do they compare to wifidog?

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