[isf-wifidog] Does a simple Auth-server exist, or one that is compatible with Lighttpd?

Richard Lussier richard.lussier at gmail.com
Mar 30 Mar 19:41:13 EDT 2010

It is a very basic splash page without stats or all the features of 
wifidog (multilingual, etc..).
You have to try it, and get back with your impressions.
For now, PfSense or m0n0wall is only installable on x86 platform, so 
that might be a problem for you.
Many people install them on Soekris or Alix boards.
You were talking about a "embedded system", what do you have in mind ?

On 2010-03-30 19:26, Peter wrote:
> Richard Lussier wrote:
>> Look at PfSense, or M0n0wall, they have build-in captive portal with 
>> auth.
> Wow they do? That's interesting. How do they compare to wifidog?
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