[isf-wifidog] Does a simple Auth-server exist, or one that is compatible with Lighttpd?

Jean-Philippe Menil jean-philippe.menil at univ-nantes.fr
Mar 30 Mar 02:03:56 EDT 2010

Peter a écrit :
> John Clark wrote:
>> I need a simple 'auth-server' which does not require the use of 
>> Apache for the HTTP server. In fact, 'look up in local password file' 
>> would
>> be good enough for my immediate demoware.
>> Once the Wifidog is demonstrated, it would be better if there were a 
>> Lighttpd version, but if Apache is the only type of
>> server supported, I'll have to set that up.
>> This is all going on 'embedded' systems, so the hassle of Apache on 
>> such a taget is problematic.
> Currently such a thing does not exist that I know of. I'm planning 
> such a light deployment, but its Windows based.
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currently, i'm running a simple auth-server with one or two php pages.
By the past, i'vv run this under cherokee web server, wich is a bit more 

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