[isf-wifidog] Custom user fields?

Thomas_Kronen at ohnp.uscourts.gov Thomas_Kronen at ohnp.uscourts.gov
Jeu 24 Juin 08:48:35 EDT 2010

I mean the permissons, the configure of the auth server.   Not the install.

From:       Thomas Kronen/OHNP/06/USCOURTS
To:         WiFiDog Captive Portal <wifidog at listes.ilesansfil.org>
Date:       06/24/2010 08:37 AM
Subject:    Re: [isf-wifidog] Custom user fields?

Good morning!  Apache2 is up,and I have accessed the wiki install of the
auth server.   I see a lot of these programs that I'm changing permission's
on are not clearing the writable grid, in order for me to continue.

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