[isf-wifidog] Custom user fields?

Thomas_Kronen at ohnp.uscourts.gov Thomas_Kronen at ohnp.uscourts.gov
Mer 23 Juin 08:44:58 EDT 2010

Ok, got it.  And DocumentRoot is /var/www/html      When you write
"stick wifidog folder in there".  What do you mean?   Sorry ?

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The apache web root will be set in httpd.conf, probably in /etc/httpd/conf/

Look for DocumentRoot

ie grep DocumentRoot /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

this will give something like:

     DocumentRoot /var/www/html/

The /var/www/html/ is the document root for your web server. Stick the
wifidog folder in there.

- T

Quoting Thomas_Kronen at ohnp.uscourts.gov:

> They were there.  thanks.
>  I don't understand why when I bring up Mozilla and enter
> http://xxx.xxx.xx.xxx/usr/local/wifidog/install.php    the xxx's being my
> IP of the box   I get not found.   I keep thinking it's my apache2.    I
> know nothing about webservers.  How can I check to see if apache is ok ?
> I get no errors when I bring it up! Man, I'm lost!

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