[isf-wifidog] Delete the default-network

Thomas_Kronen at ohnp.uscourts.gov Thomas_Kronen at ohnp.uscourts.gov
Mer 16 Juin 07:41:09 EDT 2010

Oh man, you are way ahead of me.  I just started trying to load up wifidog
this week.  Having problems with the instructions!   Sorry!

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Date:       06/16/2010 04:16 AM
Subject:    [isf-wifidog] Delete the default-network
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Sorry, I'll translate my message in english.

I've installed Wifidog and I created a new network. I need only one
network, so I'd like to delete the default-network.

I've tried to delete it, but i get an message
"Deletion failed, error was: Cannot delete default network, create
another one and select it before you remove this one."

If I can't delete it, how can I set the other network by default in
the list on the login page?

Thank you.

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