[isf-wifidog] help on gateway and ServerAuth on same server

Genevieve Bastien gbastien at versatic.net
Mar 27 Juil 09:17:33 EDT 2010

Hi Andrea,

Welcome to the wifidog community!

> Then "./configure; make && make install" but when i try to test 
> wifidog with "wifidog -f -d 7" it says that wifidog.conf must be in 
> /usr/local/etc ( and also the " wifidog-msg.html" file ......
> Do i need to manually create that Dir and put the tow files in it ??
That would be a bug in the makefile, those files should have been copied 
to /usr/local/etc.  If they are not, then yes, you need to create the 
dir and put those files in it (they should be in the wifidog root directory)

> Second problem:
> how do i need to configure wifidog.conf to correctly re-directing non 
> authenticated users to the login page ??
> I mean that i only changed these lines in the config file:
> ....
> ExternalInterface eth0 #the NIC which is seen by wificlients
> GatewayInterface eth1 #the NIC which see Internet
It is the opposite here: ExternalInterface if the one that sees the 
internet and GatewayInterface is the one wifi clients are connecting to

> GatewayAddress
> AuthServer {
>        Hostname
>        SSLAvailable no
>        Path /
> }
> ....
> Do i need to make changes to the base "FirewallRuleSet " ???
That is all, no need to set Firewall, it should be good to go.


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