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This may seem a bit odd, but you cannot directly disconnect a user (well, not easily at least). What is usually done is to deny authorization to the user you want to disconnect the next time the authentication server is executed. That is, your authentication server code is run by the gateway (via an http request) every AUTH_CHECK_INTERVAL (whatever you configured on the gateway), one for each current user in the gateway and it passes the users token, mac, etc. in the query string (in PHP $_GET) . The gateway will take the output of your authentication server looking for particular messages.  So to disconnect a user, you print the string "Auth: ACCOUNT_STATUS_DENIED" when the auth server is executed for the user you want disconnect. So the user will not be disconnected right away but no longer than AUTH_CHECK_INTERVAL. If that's too long, you can reduce this interval or you will have to write code that will directly change the iptables on the gateway router.

I hope this helps. 

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      Hello. I've written my own auth server for a demo, and I have one    thing left to do.
    Basically, I need an admin control panel, where the administrator    can see all the logged on users, and click a button to disconnect a    particular one. I have read through the help forums, etc, and I saw    something about a wifidog/disconnect command, but if I run it,    whatever token/mac/ip I use, it disconnects the person running the    command.
    I tried this:
    http://:2060/wifidog/auth?logout=1&mac=token=    but that didn't seem to want to work...
    Is there a way for me to disconnect a user, if I have their mac    address, ip and there token (as I store them in a database atm)
    Thanks for any help you could give me.
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