[isf-wifidog] Multiple Auth Servers

Jason Potter jason at hugedigital.com
Jeu 22 Juil 20:23:27 EDT 2010

Hi There,

Can someone example how to setup two auth servers in the wifidog.conf file.
I have two auth web servers setup that write back to a single db.  At the
moment I have split my network so 75% go to one and 25% go to the other.
The uneven split is because the second server is also where the db for the
two are.

I attempted to put two entries like this:
AuthServer {
    Hostname wifiauth2.someserver.com
    SSLAvailable no
    Path /
AuthServer {
    Hostname wifiauth1.someserver.com
    SSLAvailable no
    Path /

And then
AuthServMaxTries 2

But when I restarted the with
wifidog-init restart

I get this:
[3][Fri Jul 23 00:22:17 2010][13712](conf.c:181) /etc/wifidog.conf: line 46:
Bad configuration option: AuthServMaxTries
[3][Fri Jul 23 00:22:17 2010][13712](conf.c:657) Bad option on line 46 in
[3][Fri Jul 23 00:22:17 2010][13712](conf.c:658) Exiting...
FAILED:  Wifidog exited with non 0 status

I am using the following version of the gateway
Version: 1.1.3_beta6

Look forward to any responses.

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