[isf-wifidog] Short DHCP lease times

Genevieve Bastien gbastien at versatic.net
Ven 29 Jan 15:54:07 EST 2010

Hi Steve,

I haven't tested this functionnality lately, but I expect is still does
disconnect clients after a certain period of no traffic.  The rationale
is that once you login, there is nowhere you can go to logout unless you
know the url of the portal page, so eventually, the client just leaves
the place, with his connection still on the gateway... So there has to
be some kind of timeout mechanism to clean the list of clients.

About what you can do though, there are these two parameters in the
wifidog.conf file (this is the default file)

# Parameter: CheckInterval
# Default: 60
# Optional
# How many seconds should we wait between timeout checks.  This is also
# how often the gateway will ping the auth server and how often it will
# update the traffic counters on the auth server.  Setting this too low
# wastes bandwidth, setting this too high will cause the gateway to take
# a long time to switch to it's backup auth server(s).

# CheckInterval 60

# Parameter: ClientTimeout
# Default: 5
# Optional
# Set this to the desired of number of CheckInterval of inactivity
before a client is logged out
# The timeout will be INTERVAL * TIMEOUT
ClientTimeout 5

You can play with those values to make the  idle time as long or short
as you wish.

Hope this helps!

Geneviève Bastien

Steve Congrave wrote:
> I read this
> http://www.ilesansfil.org/wiki/doc/gateway/Configuration
> We have been running a very short DHCP lease time of 5 minutes but have been
> having problems with the lease not always getting renewed and clients ending
> up with no connection.
> Is this something that is still an issue - does the Wifidog still disconnect
> clients for no traffic and why did it do that? What was the rationale?
> Our experience is that clients can sit for 10 or 15 minutes writing emails
> or reading web pages and not generating any IP traffic so the very short
> lease time appears to be a problem for us. What are the implications in
> extending it to maybe an hour?
> Thanks
> Steve
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