[isf-wifidog] Timeout issue

Justin Holmes justin at justinholmes.com
Dim 24 Jan 14:20:29 EST 2010

Hello everyone - I have managed to get the wifidog auth server and client
working, which is wonderful news.  :-)

However, I am experience the timeout issue.

I tried shortening the DHCP lease time to only 3 minutes, but this has not
changed the issue.

I also extended ClientTimout from 60 to 600 seconds, and indeed clients now
persist for 600 seconds.  However, I'd like for them not to timeout at all
until their username expires, which we'll eventually handle through LDAP.

I suspect that the ping sent by the server is not making it to the client -
I was watching a firewall on one client that I otherwise expected to block
the ping, and it did not detect it.  I suspect that it may be blocked at the
other end, by the server's firewall, but again, I don't know how to
determine that.

Is there a way I can log these attempts on the wifidog side?

Any guidance is much appreciated.
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