[isf-wifidog] IPtables issues

Steve Congrave steve at congrave.com
Jeu 21 Jan 01:21:50 EST 2010

Just wondering if anyone else has come up against a problem that we seem to
get on a regular basis.

A client connects to the router (Wifidog and OpenWRT) and is sent through to
the portal. There they are authenticated and they start to get Internet

At some random point afterwards, typically within 1-5 hours, all users are
denied access although they can see web sites that have specific routes
through the firewall. Checking iptables shows all the rules are in place and
should be working just fine but the clients web browser just gives a
'Internet explorer cannot display the page' error unless they go to one of
the URLs that have specific rules in which case they can see it fine. The
auth server is accessible and available when this happens.

Rebooting the router restores everything to normal until the next time it

Any ideas or pointers?



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