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Justin Holmes justin at justinholmes.com
Mar 19 Jan 20:06:50 EST 2010

Hello Wifidog.

My partner / girlfriend and I are embarking on an exciting business venture
- SlashRoot: The Grassroots Tech Cafe - serving fair trade and open source.

We want to use wifidog for our captive portal solution, and eventually as
part of a mesh network.

We have an ubuntu server acting as our gateway / router, and I have
successfully installed both the auth-server and the gateway on it. However,
I simply cannot figure out how to accomplish the basic functionality of
directing the user to a captive portal page, authenticating them, and moving
them on to some other page (and access to the internet).

The content management documentation is difficult for me to bite into.

Is there a very basic document on getting started with this?
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