[isf-wifidog] Lot WiFiDog, Vol 60, Parution 4

Rob Kelley rob at robkelley.net
Ven 15 Jan 09:48:24 EST 2010

Thanks Genevieve for your help.

I agree an API is the elegant right way to do it.

In the short term, I'm guessing it's going to call for an ugly hack.
With the templates and sub-templates, I'm getting pretty confused.
How can a webserver request just the HTML generated by "UIUserList"?
For the record, you don't need to authenticate to see this info right
now, it's there on the portal page if you know the link (feature, not

Any pointers?

Thanks again.



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Hi Rob,<br>
I'm not really sure there is a straightforward way to pull that info
out of the server right now, but we are in the process of adding some
way to get information out of the server, for use by an external
plugin.&nbsp; More precisely, a team is developing an API for WordPress that
will get information out of the server and display it on the Wordpress
site.&nbsp; It should be released early this year.<br>
The functionnality you are looking for may be in that API and while I
don't have much information on how this Wordpress API will work, it may
or may not use the new in-development wifidog external API described in
this page <a class="moz-txt-link-freetext"
More on that soon...<br>
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Genevi&egrave;ve Bastien

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