[isf-wifidog] Segmentaion fault!!!

Arya Mazaheri aryanet at gmail.com
Mar 23 Fév 08:32:48 EST 2010

is there anyone here who encountered the segmentation fault problem in
wifidog gateway (running in debug mode)?
I'm running gateway on CentOS 5.4. Maximum number of users that may be
online at the same time, doesn't reach more than 25 users. but sometimes
gateway program stop working and I should start it manually.
However that is not the only problem. when I start the gateway (after stop
working), with "wifidog -f -d 7" command to run in debug mode, a huge
connections going to close. but it fails to do that and finally it ends with
"Segmentation fault" error.

any comment will be appreciated...
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