[isf-wifidog] ISF call for tenders postings.

Michael Lenczner mlenczner at gmail.com
Mar 9 Fév 11:16:26 EST 2010

ISF has two calls for tenders for small contracts.

ISF is asking for responses for two small contracts with the client
being an academic partner. The first is for approx 10 hours of
development on Wifidog.  The second is for project & relationship
management for 3 hours/month for 10 months.


As I've mentioned here before, ISF is a partner on a grant submitted
by an epidemiology research team at Harvard.  The goal of the project
- which was proposed by us - is to use anonymized data gathered by
Wifidog to assist epidemiologists in evaluating their models of how
diseases propogate by analyzing real-world data on people's use of
public spaces.  It is important to note that not only do we further
anonymize our users info, we also have contracts in place to prevent
researchers from releasing any
results about even small groups of anonymous users (to prevent identification)

Instead of submitting the anonymized data directly and only to the
Harvard research team, we are using the CRAWDAD data repository to
host the data and encourage other researchers to use it.  Information
about our agreement with CRAWDAD
has been sent to this list a bunch of times over the last 2 years.
http://www.crawdad.org They are happy to finally be receiving a
full-export of our anonymized data.

Although we were under the impression that the resources available was
$5000 total, we recently found out it was $5000 each year for 5 years
($25 000). That's great news.  It allows for a more realistic budget
and it will permit us to develop the project further and work more
closely with our partners.  It will be easier to dedicate the
resources to work with other Wifidog groups to encourage them to share
their data with CRAWDAD as well.

Both jobs are for work that will take place this year only.  Work will
continue after that but we'll have another announcement for future

Please send emails to Norman and the board will figure out a process
to award the contracts if there are multiple applicants.


CFT #1

Wifidog development = 5-10 hours.  10-15 hours work total including
meeting with partner. The job is to add to Wifidog's capability to
export anonymized data. Right now we can't export geographic
information.  This work would benefit ISF and Wifidog by allowing us
to properly identify the Wifidog hotspots without having redundancies
show up in Google maps, which would confuse our users.  The
development work is estimated at between 5-10 hours of work.

Additional time will need to be spent communicating with the ISF
sysadmins to push the code into production and meeting with and
communicating with the partner. Preference for this job will be given
to an ISF volunteer and someone who has already worked on WifiDog.
The work will take place over the next 2-3 months.

Note: The work for the exporter has been initiated a few years ago by
Benoît Grégoire and François Proulx and was done in order to allow for
this function.


CFT #2
Project / Client Managment - 3 hours / month for 9 months.  27 hours total.

The second contract is for a coordinator to work with the developer
and the partner.  This involves regular PM tasks of assessing and
evaluating partner needs, ensuring deliverables are met, and
communicating with the partner, as well as identifying opportunities
for ISF to propose research questions that interest us.  Skills needed
for this job are either project management or research coordination.


The board will appoint someone to choose amoung the responses to this
Call For Tenders (assuming there are multiple responses).   We ask
that people respond as soon possible since our partner is eager for
the work to start.  Please send an email to Norman if you're
interested. normang at normie.com



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