[isf-wifidog] Authentication problem (Ubuntu 10.04)

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Dim 8 Aou 13:54:05 EDT 2010

Hi Geneviève!

Thank you for the quick answer. I am still a bit puzzled on how to deal with the default node. I've got the following:

After running "http://<auth server>/install.php I have the following user list:

admin and SPLASH_ONY_USER, both on the network "default-network. I need the admin account to log into the auth server for configuration. That works.

Then there is a network called "unnamed network"

and a node with name "My first node" with a gateway id of "default", which should refer to the id of the wifidog instance installed earlier. I have not changed the option in wifidog.conf---so that should be ok.

When I go to "Node Administration -> Edit Nodes" and click on the "My first node" area I can see and edit the fields I just mentioned. I do not see anything that lets me associate the node with the network. On the bottom of the page the "Node configuration" option says "In planning" which is probably ok. Under "Access rights" there is a message "Sorry: No available roles in the database..." which might not be ok. Entering and submitting "admin" in the edit field does not change anything.

When I go to "Network administration -> Edit unnamed network" I can edit the network parameters. After installation I find the following entries:

Network id: "default-network" (not editable)
Network name: "unnamed network"
Network creation date: "2010-08-08"
Network's web site and Technical support email are empty
Network authenticator class is "AuthenticatorLocalUser"
Authenticator parameters is "'default-network'"

and Access rights says "admin (NETWORK_OWNER)" 

To be sure I dropdb-ed wifidog and dropuser-ed wifidog and repeated install.php from scratch with the same result.

What am I missing here?


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You most probably didn't add this node to the auth server.  The 
exception let's you know that the node could not be found and if you 
enter the administrive username / password (those you entered when 
installing the auth server), you will be invited to create the node.  
Once that is done, people can login, but if the node is not on the 
network, there is no login possible.

The gw_id of the new node should be 00E023200B4D which is the id the 
node uses to identify himself to the auth server.  You may change this 
id in the wifidog.conf file, by uncommenting the line
# GatewayID youGWid

By default, the gw_id is the mac of the node.


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