[isf-wifidog] Authentication problem (Ubuntu 10.04)

JG info at jgoettgens.de
Dim 8 Aou 10:44:23 EDT 2010


I installed the latest version of the wifidog gateway and authentication server (downloaded on August 6) on a Ubuntu box (10.04)where the installation and basic configuration processes proceeded without errors. When a client tries to access an external webpage the requested pages is redirected to the auth server as expected, but there are some error messages (in orange and red color) on the login/signup page:

"You didn't log-in or your session timed-out. Please login to try this operation again."

and further down the page:

"Some (possibly all) of the following permission(s) you don't have are required to perform the operation your requested:
NETWORK_PERM_EDIT_ANY_NODE_CONFIG (User is allowed to edit any configuration of any node on the network) on Network: Any
NODE_PERM_EDIT_GATEWAY_ID (User is allowed to change the gateway id of this node) on Node: Any

SecurityException was thrown in /var/www/wifidog-auth/wifidog/classes/Security.php, line 209
#0 /var/www/wifidog-auth/wifidog/classes/Security.php(179): Security::handleMissingPermissions(Array)
#1 /var/www/wifidog-auth/wifidog/classes/Node.php(484): Security::requireAnyPermission(Array)
#2 /var/www/wifidog-auth/wifidog/login/index.php(152): Node::getStealOrCreateNewUI('00E023200B4D')
#3 {main}

The node with GATEWAY_ID: 00E023200B4D could not be found in the database!"

The client is able to create an account and the auth server sends the confirmation mail. Activating the account works (from outside the client LAN), but the client can never successfully log in or even gets temporary internet access. Although there is some contact with the auth server the client's MAC address does not get stored in the db.

Except for a few minor things I kept the basic installation from install.php. I changed the network name (from unnamed to H Test Network) and the validation email address to a valid one to make the mails acceptable to my SMTP server.

Am I missing some required configuration options?

Technical stuff:

The gateway and the auth server are on the same Ubuntu box with 2 NICS (eth0 connects to the DSL router and eth1 to client LAN). The Ubuntu box acts as a NAT router as does the DSL router (so two local LANs are involved before packets make it to the outside world). To check the setup I am currently using a cable connection on the client LAN. If wifidog is not running, all connections from the client side are fine.

My wifidog.conf and a log from wifidog -f -d 7 can be fetched from here:


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