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Jason Potter jason at hugedigital.com
Dim 1 Aou 23:49:01 EDT 2010

Hi There,

Is there a way to have my users that connect to the hotspot be given an
internet is down page if the connection is actually down.

I have setup my wifidog.conf with ip addresses for the auth servers.

There are 3 situations where a custom page needs to be displayed:

   1. Internet is up but for some reason the auth server is not reachable
   2. Internet is down when a user connects before they have authenticated
   by a splashonly login
   3. Internet goes down after the user has been authenticated and has been
   browsing for a bit.

Situation 1
The auth server is down page is displayed as expected

Situation 2
The client connects to the hotspot and then tries to go to the browser
default page,for example www.google.con.au.  The client gets a Server not
found error in their browser.  I would like to have the Auth server is down
page displayed.  I believe what I am seeing is due to the DNS lookup
failure.  Is there away around this?  Since the user is not authenticated
yet, i would of thought all requests would be redirected without doing a DNS
lookup.  Have I miss-understood this?

Situation 3
The client is browsing the internet and the internet connection goes down.
I would to show the internet down page when they request their next page.

My initial thoughts was to use IPTable rules, but sure exactly what to use.
The other option is a transparent proxy server on the router, but again not
sure where to start with this one, and if it would really help me.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice you might be able to offer.
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