[isf-wifidog] Presenting AuthPuppy: a new generation authentication server

Genevieve Bastien gbastien at versatic.net
Jeu 8 Avr 16:44:05 EDT 2010

For now, there's only the blueprints and the wiki, as features come as
developers develop them right now.  By the alpha release, we'll have a
list of those implemented. 
We'll have a platform/procedure for people to contribute and share
plugins, which are right now just different branches of the same
project.  Features other than the basic ones will mostly come from plugins.

Peter wrote:
> Is there  a feature set? I see blueprints, but can only glean a little
> from that.
> Genevieve Bastien wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> This is to announce that there's a new puppy in town: AuthPuppy, led by
>> the Quebec wireless communities and planned to be the successor of
>> wifidog, under active development.
>> Wifidog is a great application, and has allowed to build great wireless
>> organizations around the world.  But as wireless communities matured and
>> needs became more complex, we (the Alliance of Wireless communities of
>> the province of Quebec) felt that wifidog wasn't as scalable to
>> those new needs as we could wish for.
>> Hence the need for AuthPuppy.  Developed in php using the symfony
>> framework, with a light core and plugin architecture, it will easily be
>> fitted to anyone's need.
>> The puppy is a few weeks old and not mature enough to be used in
>> production yet, but he is ready to show his face to the world!  We plan
>> an alpha release for the end of the month.  AuthPuppy is only the auth
>> server and the gateways will work with it as well as with wifidog.
>> The source code is hosted on launchpad : https://launchpad.net/authpuppy
>> We have a wiki: http://authpuppy.org/wiki
>> You can reach the developer team (and ask to join in!) at :
>> dev at authpuppy.org
>> We'll have a mailing list soon.
>> The puppy even has his own twitter account! http://twitter.com/authpuppy
>> To join the development effort, read
>> http://authpuppy.org/wiki/index.php/Getting_Started and get started with
>> the puppy!  We need help with everything: programming plugins, making
>> the interface nicer, helping with the core, etc.
>> If you have any suggestions, comments, questions, you may use launchpad.
>> Wifidog is still alive of course.  AuthPuppy is a parallel project that
>> we think will answer the growing needs of our communities better.
>> Thank you,
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Geneviève Bastien

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