[isf-wifidog] Wifidog for real HEAVY usage

Jean-Philippe Menil jean-philippe.menil at univ-nantes.fr
Sam 26 Sep 02:28:39 EDT 2009

Jean-Philippe Menil a écrit :
> Genevieve Bastien a écrit :
>> Menil Jean-Philippe wrote:
>>> Genevieve Bastien a écrit :
>>>> Hi everyone,
>>>> Ile sans fil is thinking of offering wireless internet access at
>>>> conferences and conventions where there can be as much as thousands of
>>>> people wanting to connect.
>>>> Does anyone have experience with that kind of (wifidog) setting, with
>>>> heavy load usage?  We'd like to hear about it.  What kind of
>>>> configuration did you use?  Small router gateway or routing PC?  
>>>> How did
>>>> wifidog do?  What were the problems encountered? etc
>>>> Thanks,
>>> Hi,
>>> at university, i have a server with 7 wifidog gateway daemon with 150
>>> - 200 users on each.
>>> My biggest problem is the performance due to the complexity of the
>>> auth server.
>>> When one user want tio log, it's do multiple sql request and other...
>>> Imagine when hundred of client want to connect ...
>> Jean-Philippe...
>> I'd like to know more about your setting.  Do your gateway daemons run
>> on the auth server itself (with possibly 7 wireless cards)  Where are
>> your access points and what kind of hardware do you use for that?  I'm
>> curious to know if 200 users per gateway can be reached without
>> enterprise grade hardware.
>> Thanks
> Hi,
> Yes, wifidog daemons are running on the auth server, with 7 vlan 
> network card on it, and it's for wired users.
> It's a special need for student appartments (Cite universitaires).
> The server is a dell, Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 2.80GHz with a large 
> amount of ram.
> Usualy, i create virtual server, but for wifidog, the performances 
> were terribly awfull.
> Now, i've adjust some php code, you can remove the main content in the 
> index.php of login.
> And some others... Because like i said, when a user log in, there are 
> too many postgres access (calculate how many users have been 
> authentified on this network, etc ...)
> http://dev.wifidog.org/ticket/471
> I've don't seen this patch on the new revision...
> If you don't patch, the daemon crash with a large amount of users.
> I've submited core debug on 527 ticket.
> Regards
So, the hardware is not the most important part, it's the tweak you do 
on the auth server the most important.

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